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So this is the first essay in the series of essays that I’m planning to write and sell. I will likely release a compilation of the essays in a formal quarterly publication for a price cheaper than buying the individual ones.

I understand that doing it this way means that not everyone will read this essay. I’m okay with that.

This is the introduction:

One of the things that I’m best known for is my general opposition to umbrellas. Of course, I don’t mean those wonderful inventions that keep the rain and sun off you, but rather those terms/identity labels that are intended to cover a wide range of different (potentially overlapping) identities and people. Things like ‘LGBT’ or ‘trans’ or, worse, ‘mogai’.

The details of this essay are scattered amongst many posts on my blog. I’ve outright stated that I hate all umbrella terms. I’ve discussed the creation of the trans umbrella and why the idea of this community hurts trans women of colour. About how the LGBT movement isn’t a country club. As well as the many tweets and short tumblr posts I’ve made on this topic.

However, one of the things I usually do in these posts (for the sake of coherency) is usually talk about ‘solidarity’ and ‘coalitions.’ Except that this isn’t actually what I’m talking about (at least not so far as ‘coalitions’ are concerned). It isn’t the theoretical framework in which I’m articulating these ideas.

Ever since my days in philosophy and studying logic, I’ve been a pluralist. This is a position I’ve hinted at in many places, but most notably in the introduction to my book on logic. As well as outright stating that I was a truth pluralist in a quick post I made two years ago about my philosophical positions. So this essay will be an elucidation of pluralism within the context of social justice and/or social movements. Especially since it isn’t really an position explicitly held by many people within these movements.

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