i dream of being possible


b is for binary

classical biyuti

decolonization nao

discussing discourse

teh trans community

Womanist Musings

race to the bottom

teh gay community

media musings

the life of an ordinary bakla

in the news

able ability

i rebuke thee feminism

transmisogyny is fun for the whole family

mayo is as mayo does


yellow peril

ye olde abuse culture

klass with a k

putting the x in pilipinx

accountability post

b loves logic

operating on the principle of good enough

information unprofessional

antiblackness is real

linguistic determinism

tech support

neglect of neglect

warring state of mind

by mxb

laughing as a liberal with salad

an autism reads romance

decolonize nao

life as an ordinary bakla


decolonizing nao

fucking as praxis