i dream of being possible

wow. okay

did a google search for the two neuro symptoms i have (ie, “excessive sleepiness olfactory hallucinations”)

and the top five things apparently are:

  1. schizophrenia
  2. epilepsy
  3. sleep deprivation
  4. alzheimers disease
  5. nercolepsy

soooo… i don”t think sleep deprivation is it (i sleep a lot) and alzheimers seems unlikely since these things started in my teens

narcolepsy i already suspected but… idk.

the other two schizophrenia or epilepsy seem likewise unlikely, but i”ll guess i”ll find out

so. in reading the diagnostic stuff for schizophrenia a bunch of the stuff seems relevant, but the caveat i”ve seen is that a bunch of them don”t apply if there is presence of a PDD. which, yeah, nld would count.

idek at this point. i guess we”ll see what happens when i talk to the neurologist

i also realized that i can bring up the not being able to visualize… perhaps in the effort to get health care to actually pay for getting diagnosed without having to pay for shit out of my own pocket.