i dream of being possible

wake up call for myself.

so. i tweeted this yesterday where i mentioned that, because i’m underemployed, i have the luxury of time. and i really do. i mean. i’m not making a great deal of money right now. but i am making just enough to – with careful planning – keep food on the table and a roof over my head.

and. with how incredibly full my life has been over the past 10 years with doing school and working and everything. i’ve never had so much free time in my life. so much free time where, especially since i’m now treating my anxiety, where i’m not constantly consumed with worry and stuff.

this is also making me realize that i need to start spending this wealth a little be better.

you know


I have projects that i want to work on… but keep losing track of myself and priorities so that i’m not actually working on those things.

So this is me saying:


And. Remember that where you devote your time and energy matters. And to remember to devote it to things that matter. That you and what you want is important.