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updates on the website and other important things

Ok. So I think I managed to fix the problem with the website. Thank glob. This is partially based on some feedback that… I move around too much. And its true, I do. I said this would be my forever home and, fuck it, I’m going to commit to it. So… Here it is alive and kicking. If things change, it’ll only be a server migration rather than anything up front.

Here are some important updates:

I’m closing my patreon account at the end of this month. If you take a peek at the left menu, you’ll see a paypal button for doing monthly subscriptions. This is now my preferred method, so if you’re a patreon supporter please consider switching over.

Why am I doing this? Well… because international taxes are fucking brutal and I honestly don’t have the ability to figure out how to file my income taxes with the IRS so that I can get some of my money back. Note: as someone not in the US, any org that collects money for sales or royalties has to without a percentage for taxation. For Canada this is 30 fucking percent. Now… because of treaties and such, it should be lower but there’s a bunch of paperwork and blah blah blah.

What does this all mean? Well. It means that being on patreon means that they take a cut of what people are giving me and then are witholding an extra 30% on top of that. Its kind of hard when I’m trying to do this to supplement my income and put food on the table.

Originally, my blog archives were going to be a patron privilege but… That’s what broke the website (I think). Instead everyone will have access to the entire site. What I’ll be offering for monthly subscribers is free digital copies of my essays, zines, and books. On top of getting to read chapters as I write them. I’ll be communicating via an email list that ppl can join. Oops. I also forgot that subscribers will get discounts on any print books. 😀

Thank you all for your support.