i dream of being possible

today in this biyutiful life

I’ve sort of been live tweeting my day. and my experiences with stepping into myself.

it is sort of amazing. that i’m here. at this point in time.

i spent a lot of time afraid to be me. afraid to step outside and be vulnerable in this special way.

i went to a job interview today.

(not sure I’ll get it. not even sure I want it)

But i did the interview as me.

under my name.

dressed exactly how I wanted to be

(well… i would have prefered my red lip gloss and different shoes, but these are minor quibbles)

I want to thank everyone who has been there for me in the past two-ish years.

i’m not sure i would have gotten to this point, if not for all the awesome people i’ve met. all the love, care, and support i’ve been gifted.

i’m happy and elated right now.

i know things aren’t going to be easy. it never is for #girlslikeus.

but. but.

this is what freedom tastes like.

and i’m fucking greedy. i want more.

at the end of the day:

(and it has been too long since i remembered this)

being free is better than being safe.

but. fuck it. i want it all.

i look forward to creating a world where #girlslikeus

can be free