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the funny thing about not celebrating xmas

i haven”t celebrated xmas in probably… idk, 11 or so years? Maybe longer?

and every single fucking year i have to deal with the same shitty comments from people

“you don”t have to celebrate, but come on! free food”

“it doesn”t have to be about gifts or anything, just spend time with your family or friends”

it grates on me because most of the ppl who know me well enough to ask me shit about xmas in the first place, know why i don”t celebrate.

i don”t care so much about the holiday, one way or another.

what i do fucking hate more than anything is… well, fucking questions like above. i stopped doing xmas because of the endless tug-of-war my divorced parents played with trying to get me to celebrate with one but not the other. pretty much as soon as i was an adult, after being kicked out of the house, and my mom was throwing yet another guilt trip/crying-emotional-manipulation thing

i was fucking done

just. done.

and i haven”t done it since. I don”t miss it. it used to be my thing to go out and see a movie, but i sort of stopped doing that a few years ago because i”m fucking lazy.

every year that i have to field the above questions…

i know that i made the correct decision

i have the fucking apparently compulsory aspect of xmas (and many other holidays)

because people will just not fucking respect you, your choices, and your boundaries.

they”ll pick, whine, nag, conjole, bargain, guilt, whatever.

and all i can think…

is why the fuck would i choose to spend time with these assholes

if you know someone who doesn”t do xmas. even if you don”t know why…

just fucking let it go, okay? respect that.