i dream of being possible

sorrow and something i'll probably always long for

I posted in that greek ask thing that the skill i’d love to learn instantly is Tagalog.

As a person with nld whose no.1 means of understanding, engaging, and conceptualising the world is language

when i was you (maybe 8) i wanted to learn Tagalog. But. My dad couldn’t teach me because he sucks at teaching and has no patience

Tagalog sounds like music to me

i resent so much that english. and that my mom managed to get me to learn her language better/earlier. my mind is colonised by two different languages.

Tagalog sounds like home to me

many of my cousins can’t speak it but they at least understand it. they don’t feel like a foreigner when they are with their own family

Tagalog is comforting to me

it resonates in my soul

and i yearn for it