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so. yesterday was interesting, eh? to recap i post some of my thoughts on gender nihilism

so. yesterday was interesting, eh?

to recap:

  1. i post some of my thoughts on gender nihilism, outright mentioning a bias that i have
  2. i start getting anon messages accusing me of being biased
  3. the same anon (i think) accuses me of singlehandedly attempting to silence people i do not interact with and who don”t interact with me
  4. this anon then says i”m white supremacist for saying a non-Black person is anti-Black
  5. then i”m also homophobic bc of reasons
  6. but maybe i also hate trans Latinas? (i”m still not clear why they kept harping on her ethnicity but whatever)
  7. i, a heterosexual,

what i learned:

  1. the adherents of this doctrine apparently do not tolerate dissent
  2. if you malign their prophet, you”ll suffer consequences
  3. dissent = silencing
  4. that i”m supposed to care about the subjective distinction between one group who says ‘abolish gender”, a different group who says ‘abolish gender”, and yet another group who says ‘abolish gender”.
  5. that i”m extra double plus glad that i”ve been avoiding most of these ppl for years

re: 4. i”m sure the distinction matters to ppl in one of the camps. but i honestly don”t care. whatever interpersonal issues you all have amongst yourselves doesn”t actually change the consequences of your shared idea.

i guess on a different level… i do remember that i wasn”t going to mention people by name anymore bc i don”t want to get sued again. i”ll remember this in the future. also guess i”m glad that this person is unlikely to have the resources to sue me.

oh. most amusing exchange from yesterday:

me: i don”t do receipts

anon: are you talking about this situation?

me: thanks for providing receipts anyways? lmao.