i dream of being possible

pointless musing on not much at all :P

sometimes i think i just read as much as i do because i don’t understand people


i really don’t understand this thing in fic (especially KLaine) where people who are a couple apparently can’t make decisions together

klaine was bad for all ‘we are trying to decide what college to go to but we must never actually discuss it as a couple and make plans as a couple’

i’m reading this teen wolf fic where something similar is happening and… i don’t get it. Like… they act as if any input into a major life decision = making that decision for the other person.

like. this narrative (and it is seems to be frequently used for tension or drama), that two people need to make all of their decisions on their own, otherwise they are co-dependent and unhealthy, is just bizarre to me.

It brings me great comfort and joy to plan my life with my bf. Our relationship has already spanned four different cities (and we were not in all of them at the same time). Things weren’t easy, but it was all worth it.