i dream of being possible

on things i already know


for some reason there seems to be a lot of talk on tumblr lately about truscum and dysphoria (I think it was Toni who mentioned that this sort of thing comes in waves).

i do find it interesting that truscum often takes the form of white trans bros but HBSers are usually white trans women. and while they are, at a basic level, comparable theories of transness, the differences between them are sort of interesting. but i don”t really feel like talking about that right now1.

anyway. so ‘you must have dysphoria to be trans” because of reasons. okay. lol. whatever.

all i hear when read this line is

“ur not part of the community”

which, sure. i knew this. i know this. i”ve known this since the time i realized that, all this time, the trans ~community~ thought it was, in actual fact, including people like me.

i also know that this is all about maintaining hegemonic control over trans/gender discourse and spaces. which, again, is common knolwedge, white men will do what white men do.

“u must accept my white supremacist philosophy of mind or ur not part of the community”

disregarding, for a moment, whether or not i experience dysphoria, can i also talk about how much i dont subscribe to a notion that mind and body are two distinct things?

for body dysphoria to be a coherent notion, it requires some commitment to a notion that the mind and body are not the same thing, such that one can have a distinct ‘inner” feeling of gender vs. an ‘outer” material reality of your body.

which, whatever. how u conceptualize your relationship to your body is just fine. but does it make it fact? is it actually an observable quality of the universe that minds are one thing and bodies another? no. not really.

i wonder what it is called when a bunch of white ppl attempt to force me to adopt their worldview? *cough*imperialism*cough*

“the only true dysphoria is body dysphoria”

hmmm… okay. did i just hear the sound of a goal post moving? no? i guess it must have been in my overheated imagination. such things happen to #girlslikeus all the time. my apologies.

pretending for a moment that white culture really is as individualistic and fiercly independent as it claims…

r u telling me that getting ~teh surgery~ but changing nothing about your presentation and lifestyle would be sufficient?

like, that if you are a trans bro, u get ur ~surgery~ but keep wearing stereotypically ‘feminine” clothing, keep using ‘she” as your pronoun, etc. would totes be okay with you? no?

then clearly you think social dysphoria is a thing that exists.

“ur not one of us

first of all. who the fuck asked you?

second of all. no. we aren”t part of the same ~community~. awfully presumptious of you to assume that i either want to be or that you have any authority to determine membership.

third of all. do u think i didn”t get this memo? i got it. read it. scanned and archived it. note to self: not (ever) part of teh ~community~.

“ur hurting the real trans ppl”


if my existence and generally being alive is hurting you, i will aggressively live with all that i have in me.

am i damaging the processes of the medical empire by existing as a trans person who doesn”t experience body dysphoria? woot! and i didn”t even have to leave the house…