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on encountering a trans woman in public

Dear cis and/or white women,

If you happen upon a trans woman in the wild public, a rare occurence indeed, given that the magic of our existence blesses so few, here are a few tips:

  1. Being ‘friendly” does not include talking about, suggesting, or hinting that you know that she is not ~really~ a woman.
  2. Talking about your trans friend and revealing a willingness to violate boundaries doesn”t make a good first impression.
  3. Continuing to talk about, suggest, or hint that you know she isn”t a ~real~ woman — out loud and in a crowded area — about how ~brave~ she is and, thus, nonconsensually outing her to everyone within earshot is not, to be quite frank, a very effect way to ~compliment~ her.
  4. And unless you go around tell any given cis person that they remind you of some random cis friend of yours, the implication that we all look alike (esp. to an Asian trans girl), doesn”t actually suggest that you are ‘cool” or ‘in the know” when it comes to #girlslikeus.
  5. Finally, making ‘humourous” references to physical features you feel that trans ladies have, but not cis women, is, well, not funny. At all. Not even a little bit.

I hope you take these five points in the spirit they are offered. One of kindness and an abiding passion for courtesy, respect, and dignity for all people.

i hope u fucking choke,