i dream of being possible

of the things that make me bitter

okay. okay. i just read something responding to some white girl”s live tweeting of Beyonce”s new album

and like, the sheer fucking ignorance required to think that miley cyrus of all fucking ppl could or has influenced beyonce is just….

you know. this, for me, is always one of the clearest example of the reality of living within institutionalized white supremacy

because all these fucking derivative, boring, and mediocre white ppl getting credit, fame, riches off of appropriating and stealing Black culture

all the same boring, derivative white ppl capitalizing and consumming any other culture/aesthetic just so that they can seem just that much more special

all the fucking mediocre white ppl running businesses, publishing books, controlling pretty much all means of production

and knowing just how hard any iaopoc has to work just to fucking get enough money to eat and pay rent

how, if any of us has a skill or are creative, we litterally need to be in the realm of fucking goddesses

just to be seen and probably still die in obscurity

(after some white person steals it and sanitizes it)

this? this.

this is what makes feel bitter and resentful and fucking petty

no, it isn”t the worst that white ppl do or have done

but. something about this just….