i dream of being possible

no power

it was really weird being without power and water for three days.

i”m just now feeling like the real me again.

i have so much fucking work and shit to catch up on. (like my side projects, the ones i love and am passionate about)

i”m trying to get my shit sorted so i can sell my current phone to help recoup some of the lost income and extra expenses of the outage. like, i”m totally going to sell it, i just really want to figure out how to get linux and ios to start talking to each other. since apparently this is not a thing that is allowed to happen. i spent almost a day getting it jailbroken and unlocked. ut it is now usable (it is a really old iphone 3gs. so old that no one wanted to buy it on craigslist when i got my new one. which is okay because that means i can sell the new one for extra cash).

of course, i”m getting close to running out of possessions that i can sell for cash. whatever.

being forced to leave my house for entire days and just… idk, wander around leeching power and wifi from public places. really fucking sucked. like, my brain was so……


i literally could not accomplish a single thing for three days.

i couldn”t think clearly. i made some decisions that i realize now were a little panicked and reactive.

but i survived. i even read a paper book by candlelight


realizing that this isn”t what i wanted to write about

but i”ll make a different post for that.