i dream of being possible

my first step

started reading the book on pilipin@ spiritual/healing traditions. only at the preface and it is already relevant to my life.

mentions at one point:

the theory of tacit knowing is crucial since many Filipino skills cannot be explained by standard academic psychology. It is assumed to be the older way of human understanding because it works with the primary processes of sensing, intuiting, and feeling.

Katrine de Guia who backs up Enriquez’s view in her book. Kapwa: The Self in the Other, provides examples of how Filipinos find directions without maps… (apostol 15)

So. one of the things i’ve had the hardest time reconciling the knowledge of having nld is the fact that i almost never get lost. ever. brand new places my stump me (but um… i think this is true for most people). kept reading things about how some ppl with nld will consistently get lost in places they’ve been to many times. this is definitely not me.

but. i navigate by intuition. i rarely can remember the street names or know the difference between east/west/south/north. or navigate by landmarks (i’m unlikely to attend to many of the visual details in my surroundings, so. yeah). i literally will be

“i need to go to this place. i will walk in this direction”

and i will most often find my way there.

conclusion: i really am as magical as i always thought i was. 1