i dream of being possible

musings for my tattooooo

This may not amount to much, but i’m having fun thinking about it, so whatever,right?


This are the things I feel an afinity for:

  1. Green
If i have a colour it is green. green is what i use to ensure that my heart stays open, fertile, and protected. it balances me and gives me strength.
  1. Water
If i have an element it is water. i love water. i drink lots of it everyday. I love being in it. I love staring at it. i love that it cleanses and gives life. i love htat it has two hydrogen atoms bound to one oxygen. i just fucking love water, okay?

(even if i'm deeply afraid of natural bodies of water and the animals contained therein. the ocean is especially terrifying and mysterious and marvelous)
  1. Manatees
This won't surprise anyone, lol, but if there is an animal i have an affinity for, it is manatees. I love that they are fat. That they are gentle. That they are too big to have any natural predetors but are so adveresly impacted by humans that they are endangereed (wait, i'm not meaning to say that i love that they are endangered but this is basically symbolic of colonization. they are perfect and would have continued to be fine, if not for fucking **boats** of all things).

I love that the manatee is (by my nomination) the mascot for cozy femme.
  1. Oak trees
I love these things. Even though i do recognize that they are north american... pretty much the only times i spent willing in the part when i was young was for the sole purpose of looking at these trees.

now that i thikn about it though... it does make a certain sort of sense, being mestisa that i have at least some connection to the area/lands where my mom was likely from (her family has no clue where they were before they came to colonize 'canada')

but. yeah. these trees have a place in my heart.