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mind recently blown

So, someone on twitter recently commented about how you often see fundraisers for guy’s to get top surgery… but rarely fundraisers for women to get hair removal… which can be expensive (I just checked the price at a place in my city, basically $900 to do my face).

And since facial hair is one of the major things re: passing and, well, being safe, it is interesting, no? That trans feminine people rarely seem to get the fundraisers and help to do this.

Which makes me think that I may just do this for myself, that is raise funds for laser hair removal on my face, since I definitely cannot afford $900 and deal with my facial hair issues would go a long way to making my dysphoria go away and for allowing me to better embody myself.

We’ll see… it seems like so much money, though. And I know other people have more/greater needs… sigh.