i dream of being possible

sooo. for a long while now, i've been hallucinating this smell.

me: sooo. for a long while now, i’ve been hallucinating this smell.

family doctor: Hmm… I’m going to schedule you an MRI.

me: Okay.

neurologist: Welp, you don’t have epilepsy and your brain appears neurological normal.

me: um… so why am i hallucinating?

neurologist: *shrugs*

me: so the neurologist said my brain was fine…

family doctor: Well, it is good that you don’t have epilepsy.

me: but why am i hallucinating?

family doctor: …

me to every psychologist and psychiatrist i’ve talked to in the past year: um. so like i hallucinate.

psych: Oh. Hmm…

me: I got an MRI and don’t have epilepsy but… no one seems to really be bothered by the fact that this is happening.

psych: I see…

me almost a year later: *is still waiting for some explanation or further tests*