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i've mentioned before that i'm not very nuanced in my thinking this leads to me...

i’ve mentioned before that i’m not very nuanced in my thinking

this leads to me sometimes getting caught in a nuance trap where my mind

boggles at all the contradictory things that i believe at the same time or

that are happening.

(cuase yeah, i’ve been thinking about the white passing stuff again and

IDing as PoC)

one thing frequently mentioned is that to be part of a community you need

to be recognized as part of that community.

to a certain extent, this means that you can be part of a community

without IDing that way

we also say that self IDing trumps all when it comes to identity

but of course, there is a tension here, since

you don’t need to ID as Asian to be Asian (or part of the community)


IDing as a woman means you are a woman

and now that i’m framing it this way, i can totally see how various

oppressive groups mobilize one of these two aspects of identity to erase

or invalidate people’s identities

because. if you take a dichotomous approach, only one of these axioms of

identity can be true

either ID relies on community recognition or self identification

when the actual case is

ID relies both on community recognition and self identification

but this isn’t even where the nuance enters in, since that statement, as

presented, somewhat implies that each conjunct needs to be present in

equal quantities

(however, as those versed in classical logic will know, you only need to

have one conjunct in order for you to meet the criteria)

But of course, this only applies if we are using binary truth values

It also, of course, only applies if we assume that time and space make no

difference or remain constant

(although, if we assume a fuzzy truth criterion for each conjunct, i’m

definitely not going to answer ‘how much community recognition is

necessary’ since that also varies by the community but also, without

reference to a particular community, invokes the sorites paradox. it also

implies that ‘community’ consensus is actually knowable)

anyway, i lost my train of thought and this post has already taken me far

afield of what i actually meant to talk about (which I also can’t

remember anymore, lol)

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