i dream of being possible

it lives again

After a week of technical troubles and working on my own blog engine, I’m back to the old site and URL. New look and some new stuff at the backend. I also spent like all of yesterday cleaning up the posts and metadata.

I’m going to migrate the wordpress site to a different server but I’m going to keep it up with the URL in case people need to reference it, at least for the foreseeable future. But all new posts will come from here.

And. God. Yes. I’m tired of moving around too. I really did only move to wordpress so I could try and transition away from patreon (the fucking taxes are killing me). But instead of a subscription/membership model, I’m trying a monthly support thing via paypal.

People who set up monthly donations will be put on a mailing list where they’ll get my book chapters as I write them and other goodies as they arise.

I’ve also decided to say… ‘fuck capitalism’. Yes. I’m still going to ‘sell’ my books. But I know that on my patreon I had different goals for reducing prices and/or making the available to read. I’m going to go ahead and make a web version, at the very least, available for all of my essays and books. I’ve mentioned on more than a few occassions that I like writing online bc I can share my ideas for free in a way that is about as broadly accessible as anything can be these days.

So I’m going that way. Hopefully people will continue to donate and/or support me monthly. Or buy a download. Or a print copy.

Also planning on closing my patreon before the end of the month. I’m crossing my fingers and really hoping people will set up recurring donations via paypal since this is literally what I’m using to put food on the table. But. No worries for anyone who doesn’t feel able or willing. I really appreciate the support you’ve given me over the past eight or so months that I’ve been on patreon.

Thank you.