i dream of being possible

idky, but i've stopped posting as much here

back at it! since my wp is supposed to be my main blog.


so my bf pointed out today something that i’ve done for years (and have only caught myself doing a few times)

which is humming to music without knowing that i’m doing so. unconsciously.

i know that i do this when i go out dancing i’ll catch myself humming if there is a break in the music. i guess i do this at home too, if we happen to be listening to music.

i’m not sure if i do this any more, but my sister also used to get super fucking mad at me for ‘making faces’ at her when we were fighting. i guess, i would mouth along with her words as she yelled at me. i’ve also caught myself mirroring facial expressions of people on tv or movies who have super expressive faces.

idk what it means. but. whatever.