i dream of being possible

i think i decided that i'm going to read something different than i read on thursday....

i think i decided that i”m going to read something different than i read on thursday. definitely going to the first patreon personal essay. idk. seems… better?

its also at a public library and i”m like… should i be swearing? there might be kids.

i”m not really nervous, which is cool. although i”m amazed that it takes 60mg of prozac and 300mg of wellbutrin to make me a reasonably functional human being (obvs, these don”t do anything about autism and executive dysfunction).

still trying to decide what else i might want to do at the festival thing.

bad-dominicana is doing at thing at 17:15 and i”m definitely going to that bc… yeah (whether or not i have the courage to actually go up and say ‘hi”??? who knows).

there”s a workshop on libel tomorrow morning that i”m half-tempted to go to and share my experience with being sued for libel.

most of which can be summed up as: don”t.

-1/10 do not recommend.