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i know that not everyone who reads my posts actually follows me or even knows anything about...

i know that not everyone who reads my posts actually follows me or even knows anything about me.

but… yeah. the shit some ppl think.

the thing is. if you read the post i’m pretty clearly defending a view/statement that isn’t actually something i assert. while i do care about normative standards of beauty, it isn’t really something i personally think much about. i can’t make pictures in my head, so i have no real internal image of myself so i don’t really think of my looks ever. i don’t look in mirrors.

but that ppl don’t get some being hyperbolic, or exageratting, or even just bragging as a resistance to a cultural message that trans women are so undesirable that we literally make people vomit.

and even if some of the people who assert that ‘trans women are the most beautiful’ or that ‘trans women are more beautiful than cis women’ are actually completely, 100% dead serious and fully believe this….

r u srsly trying to lay the entire normative/heteropatriarchical/transmisogynist beauty standards, the competition amongst women, on the shoulders of trans women like we are the ones responsible?

or that saying the above is ‘unreasonable’ or that no one will win…


u don’t get that when the biggest losers are winners, then everyone wins?

or r u too invested in some white liberal notion of ~equality~ to care more about some statements like above, rather than, say, the fact that (in pop media) ppl regularly vomit after touching/kissing/sleeping with one of us? or that – even worse irl – that twoc are fucking dying because of the deep disgust that transmisogyny invests into the bodies of trans women????

what are priorities.