i dream of being possible

i found that gq thing re tattoos

annoying because

yes, i’m getting traditional inspired Filipin@ tattoos to mark my coming of age as a femme/woman

because this is something that women from the Philippines used to do more regularly

i am trying to both reclaim part of my history while also accessing one of the few forms of physical embodiment of my gender that will be genuinely meaningful to me

i also know that, after i get them, i will have to spend the rest of my life explaining to white people that, no, they can’t descriminate against me for the tattoos because the are related to both my gender and spirituality

and i’ll have to fight to get this claim taken seriously because white people have done such an amazing job of destroying this part of my culture

i’ll have to contend with special white snowflakes who’ll think their appropriative counterculture tattoos are even in the same realm as mine.

tattoos may indeed be a way for you to mark your gender ID

but only only if you are iaopoc

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