i dream of being possible

i dont even know

so the wordpress site exploded and i don’t even know what happened. my webhost tells me that the site’s traffic was causing instability in the server and suggested cloudflare and cacheing.

which is kind of ridiculous bc no one was actually hitting the site. or not really, according to the stats.

my only real guess is that given that a certain aspect of my notoriety has been recently discussed, is that there is mayhap some sort of ddos thing happening. i don’t know.

i probably could figure it out. but… if i’m too fucking disabled to do my day job at the moment, i’m sure as shit way too fucking disabled to deal with this shit. so. i’m not dealing, lol. here’s me not dealing.

as you can see, i’m back to the octopress blog since its unlikely to buckle under the pressure of some sort of attack given that its a static site. if it even was some sort of attack.

this also means that my tinyletter newsletter will still be The Place to get my writing until i figure my shit out.