i dream of being possible

i also changed blog platforms

i had a wordpress blog. then i switched to octopress. and now i’m back with wordpress. this is why URLs and such are different and why i probably broke a lot of people’s links… shrugs

as much as i love octopress, i realized that i wanted to be able to sell copies of my books on my personal website, not just via biyuti publishing. it also means that i have a central place to sell copies of the books that won’t show up on biyuti publishing (like teh binary one). or maybe the e-zines that i might start making. i can also use this wordpress to host the audio posts i was starting to make but that then got… idk. put on hiatus while my organs were shutting down. (i hope to get back to making those… or i’ll put that into my imagined multi-media ezines. idk).

the URL remains the same ‘b.binaohan.org’

i’ll probably put up a contact form so that it is easier to get a hold of me in the future.

i might even use this platform to sell rare print copies of my books…

(note: i’ve mostly decided that i’m going to stop putting books out in print. i realize that people like them and. well, yeah. but. dealing with createspace is a hassle if you aren’t american and i just don’t want to bother with amazon anymore. i mean… they are a huge corporation and i hate them. i might do short print runs occassionally or do print zines but this will depend on personal energy levels bc i have post office anxiety).