i dream of being possible

how things change

for some reason…

i”m having a thought right now about just how much my social media habits have changed in response to trolls and other shit.


on tumblr, i no longer reblog anything if I”m not actually commenting on it. the only things that I do reblog are: (my) commentary, animal pics, and donation/boosting type posts.

this came about from realizing that i didn”t have the energy to address/deal with shitty comments from my followers on reblogs on top of the shitty comments i get from my own posts (esp. now that a lot of my posts average over a hundred notes each). i block a lot of people. but i don”t have the energy to go through my followers and try and figure out who might be hate following.

i basically abandoned twitter because of the stress of the medium… this expectation that you must reply (quickly) to anyone who responds.1

i maintain my main blog because, well, it is first and I hate how discover works on tumblr (like… even though I regularly clean my archives of stuff, i still have 13k+ posts and only a fraction are 100% my original writing. whereas my blog is all me.

i don “t know where i”m going with this.

just. yeah.