i dream of being possible

here is a list of things i don't do criticize ppl and purposefully tag them and/or @ them so..

here is a list of things i don”t do:

  • criticize ppl and purposefully tag them and/or @ them so that they are forced to see it
  • these days, i only rarely reblog anything with the intent on commenting (thus, again, forcing the OP to see whatever i want to say)
  • talk to almost anyone from online, offline.
  • actually talk to almost anyone online in private, non-transparent locations (almost all of my online interactions are recorded and visible)
  • send anon messages to ppl unless it is my friends and one of those ‘ask me one of these questions” posts.
  • go looking for what ppl are saying about me anywhere (i don”t google my name and i”m about to start untracking tags related to me)
  • go to other ppl”s pages with the intent of reblogging unrelated posts to whatever we might be ‘arguing” about
  • debating my humanity
  • give any fucks about what ppl think about me or are saying about me
  • participate in any communities of any kind
  • sacrifice or martyr myself for teh ~movement~

things i do:

  • write shit on my own blog
  • engage dissenting and contradictory viewpoints on my own terms
  • care about my friends and pretty much no one else (they know who they are).

    just so ppl are clear.