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headache med no.2

a friend noted that i haven’t been active on social media (or even this blog) for a short while. i have no real explanation for this other than the extreme spaciness caused by my new headache med.

thoughts so far:

  • today is the first day that i’ve had headache since i started this med on Tues, so its definitely working better than the other
  • i don’t like the way the inside of my brain feels.

on that latter point, i’m not sure how to describe it. i’m very spacey and i know that my cognition is somewhat reduced given how poorly i’ve been doing at sudoku lately. i think this med might be having the zombie effect on me. i catch myself staring into nothing quite a lot these days.

it definitely isn’t giving me fatigue like the other med but… idk it its an improvement, exactly. at least with the other, i felt like me.

i don’t feel like me.

i def want this feeling to go away and i hope it does after a few weeks on this med. if it doesn’t… well, i see the neurologist sometime in may and i might see about the third option, just so i can make an informed decision about which works best for me.