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goodbye patreon

After almost two months after I said I’d do the thing, I’ve actually done it now. The thing: I’ve closed my patreon creator account. I hope that everyone who was supporting me there will take a moment to set up a recurring paypal donation instead. You can find the link/drop down list on either my tumblr or this blog (should be right there in the sidebar). People still wanting perks should contact me for the mailing list, which is where I’ll be sending updates and advance chapters. Since this is still the primary way in which I feed myself, I’d super appreciate anyone who makes this transition with me. For people who can’t for whatever reason, its totally fine and I super appreciate all the support you’ve given me thus far. Thanks :D

This post ins’t going to be super long or anything. I just wanted to remind ppl that the reason I’m doing this is bc using US-based financial type services usually means that they must withold a certain amount of my income for tax purposes. The generic, default amount is 30%. This is how much is taken from my royalties (not part of patreon). Was taken from my gumroad sales (when I still had that). And is taken from my monthly gross income on patreon.

30% is a huge portion of my income. Especially since the amount of spoons and effort it’d take to try and file an income tax return via the IRS and the states is just… beyond my ability to even think about at the moment. Sure. I’d get some money back and that’d be so awesome. My brain melts whenever I think about trying to tackle this.

The most irritating part is that, according the US-canada tax treaty, they only need to take a 15% cut for taxes. Ultimately, I’m just another person pumping money into a platform/softwere that is super hostile to newcomers.