i dream of being possible

books, oh books

I’m awake significantly earlier today than I’ve been in a quite some time. Reflecting on my work and where I should be focusing my energy.

I think… I need to stop denying the reality that I make most of my money via writing books. Thus, it makes the most sense to keep writing those. Of course, they are time consuming and, tbh, I don’t really like writing them. Much prefer the essays. But… people don’t appear to be super interested in them as a whole. Which… okay. I guess.

Mostly just thinking about my efforts to consolidate my online life and to start focusing on what I can actually do. To stop distracting myself with this idea that I need to branch into multimedia and other stuff. That isn’t why people support me know. They do so because of my writing.


Maybe I should just stick to writing?

And write more books bc the passive income from royalties isn’t Gigantic but it is really nice.

Things I do want to work on (book-wise):

  • finish the 2nd edition of decol trans 101.
  • maybe write a book connecting my various insights about community and discourse.
  • i’d still love to spend some serious time writing something about info ethics.
  • i’d also really like to keep doing my research into scientific racism and continue that essay series.

Well. I guess its a good thing that I have no real shortage of ideas.