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birthday musings

I normally mark my years by my birthday, since I don’t celebrate any other holiday, besides birthdays. So… i usually spend my time reflecting on the previous year and thinking about the coming year on that day.

However, Loan asked a question about what things people would be doing for the new year to take care of themselves. (I didn’t reply to that specific thing, since, as many already know, I don’t actually use PoC for myself anymore).

I know, however, that i posted a plan of action not too long ago and figured i’d re-assess how that is going.

I’ve been on medication for my anxiety for a little while now and I definitely think it is helping. I’ve certainly been less irritable and grumpy. Also… less easily triggered. Which is great.

Based on something that came up, it looks like instead of new clothes i’ll be doing laser hair removal for my face. Which is good. And when my first appointment comes in a few weeks, will really mark 2013 as the year of my becoming.

I still hope to acquire some new clothes but money isn’t super plentiful right now and the laser removal will be all i can afford to do for a while (honestly, though? it was a holiday sale at the clinic and it was a really good price about $300 less than I expected to pay). In the meantime… my hear grows.

I’m writing a book right now. Most of the proceeds from the book (for what little sales I make, lol), will go towards getting myself a traditional Filipin@ tattoo so that I can mark my coming of age as a biyutiful transpinay. I may also do some fundraising for it. This is mark a really important spiritual becoming for me. and it’ll be the true mark of my coming to embody myself in a fuller sense.

This is most of what I’m hoping to accomplish in 2013.

And… in many ways, 2012 was a pretty fucking awesome year. I hope to stay on the path I’m on.