i dream of being possible

because i'm made of fail today


i wasn’t very productive at work. something weird going on with one of the

websites that i just can quite figure out.

i tried to go to this… tech activism thing? but got lost on the way

there looking for dinner. then got lost in the building and couldn’t find

the room. so i was late. which means that i left. because being late

tossed out all of my pre-planned scripts. so i left. i feel kinda shitty,

but by that point my cup of anxiety overfloweth.

also. i didn’t really understand what we were supposed to do? or what the

point was. i mostly just wanted to meet one person. but maybe i’ll reach

out a different way. i’m not good with groups.

it did feel nice, though, not to push myself to do something that i

couldn’t do. i mena…. i probalby *could* have if it were truly

necessary., but, it wasn’t.


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