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based on a conversation i had earlier today, i just wanted to clarify a few things about what...

based on a conversation i had earlier today, i just wanted to clarify a few things about what i”m doing…

i mentioned the other day that i was going to start spending real time to write and do other intellectual labour as a way to supplement my income.

previously, i”d mostly been focused on writing books and publishing them to do this. except… books take a lot of work and a long time to write. decolonizing trans/gender 101 took me about a year? and… it isn”t really income i can rely on.

so a week or two ago, i switched my patreon setup to month-to-month. previously, it was tied to my productivity, only paying when i shared a chapter of whatever book i”m working on. since becoming deprressed about ten or so months ago, i haven”t been able to maintain the level of concentration i need for working on really long writing projects.

i tried to see if there was a market for long essays, longer than i”d normally post on my blog… but this hasn”t really panned out for me. and… i felt really conflicted about it since i really and actually like sharing my writing. and many ppl in my target audience (trans women of colour) simply can”t afford to pay (and some will already know that i share my writing with twoc for free anyway).

overall… my engagement and presence online has been much reduced from what it was a year or more ago. this is mainly what i hope to change. as you”ve seen from the past few days, this means that i”ll be posting more regularly. on the same stuff that i”ve been doing. plus more effort into sharing news beyond just spitting out links.

so one of the things i”m doing is focusing my attention. i”ll be active here and on twitter. my ‘main” (external) blog will be retired. and throughout the next little while i”m going to repost some of my more popular posts using the tag ‘classical biyuti”. anything with that tag was originally posted somewhere else.

what i”m not going to be doing… well, changing in any meaningful way. i like to think that, by this point, i”ve developed my own style and ‘presence” here online.

i”m focusing on growing my patreon support so that i can stay independent and unaffiliated. so that i can keep writing what i”ve been writing and how i”ve been writing it without answering to anyone else (other than via callouts).

i just… honestly need money for food. lol. and after more than three years of looking for a full-time and/or another part-time job… it”s pretty clear to me that i need to focus my energy. and pretty much the only skill i have, atm, that is resulting in any additional income is writing and doing philosophy. which is kind of hilarious given that philosophy isn”t supposed to actually be a viable source of income.

so beyond the switch to making this my main (only) blog, all that”s really happening is that there”ll be more me. more of my writing. more philosophy. more analysis. more engagement. 😀