i dream of being possible

back to writing tomorrow

in some ways it feels like i’m being kind of erratic? or something.

like. building a new site. but hopefully it’ll be my forever home for a while. i want to reduce the number of sites and profiles that i have to monitor.

i’m really only capable of focusing on a few things at once. and the way i’ve been splitting my attention means that i’m always forgetting something or neglecting another.

going to see my boob surgeon this week was weird. bc i feel like he’s been trying to get me to get bigger ones than i actually want. it was very much “the trans women who come here usually want a bit bigger than average”

but i was able to try on two different sizes and i like how the smaller one looks. i have zero desire to have huge tits.

plus, this means that if i do start hormones they’ll probably grow to the bigger size anyway.

which was another interesting thing. he said it doesn’t matter if i start hormones after the surgery. that it won’t mess up the augmentation. which contradicts most of what i’ve read online but i’m willing to go along with the person i know is an actual doctor.

and i think i’ve mostly decided that i’ll at least give hormones a try. i want to see how they make me feel.