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an ode to bitterness

an ode to bitterness:

i’m still very amused about the admonishment I got earlier today that I

should be angry and not bitter…

(see here for the ask


like i suppose it is a good thing i now have permission from anon to be

angry. but it seems strange to get a message like that, that still

manages to police my tone and make a great deal of assumptions about my

emotional/mental state.

do i appear bitter? or even angry?

(note: I really don’t care if I appear to be either)

what is wrong, exactly, with bitterness? I know that bitterness gets a

lot of bad mouthing these days. that it is often considered to be a

negative or bad quality. that somehow, bitterness is indicative of some

moral or personal failure.

another emotion that seems to be ill regarded is regret. and sure,

regret stings worse than a thousand wasps (‘cause bees are cute and


but… as i responded: I will accept no less than the entire range of

human emotions.

i am human. I feel bitter. I have regrets. I feel joy. I have satisfaction.

this is life.

and i’ll never respond well to another person telling me that i should

be less than human

and while i fervently hope that everyone (me too!) has more joy and

happiness than bitterness and regret

what emotions (and the experiences caused by them) i have are mine


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