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Amc2014, Day One -- The Most Beautiful Sound in the World

after an interesting and long road trip, i am at the amc. the roadtrip itself was kind of amazing, since having a car full of twoc was pretty awesome1 in ways that is kind of hard to explain. stopping in small towns and rest stops was mega less stressful when you could actually do the washroom thing with other people who”d have your back.

in any case… the most beautiful sound in the world, yeah?

to my ears, right now, it is the voices of trans women of colour. i know we often like to use ‘voice” in metaphorical ways. but i mean our actual physical voices. i”ve elsewhere talked about the difficulty that comes with trying to manage your voice b/c it is one of the easiest/quickest ways that cis ppl are able to clock us.

like with many things, they turn what is beautiful and magical into something ugly and harmful.

i had dinner last night with 12 other trans women of colour and/or trans feminine people of colour

and it was fucking amazing

all of our voices mingling and creating beautiful music


just. yes.

it is everything.