i dream of being possible

after days of being silly i remember that my blog is my blog and i can do what i want

remember how i spent days trying to look for some sort of solution for how i could find a place to, idk, post short casual updates or something. or incomplete ideas or whatever? after a few days of poking around to see what (if any) new tech had come out for blogging and such, i discovered that the answer was… nothing. only to remember that this here is my blog and i can post whatever the fuck i want.

sure. i can and do (and for a while i really had been) post high quality Intellectual Content.

recall, however, that this blog is and always has been a personal blog.

i also remember how like. the fact that what i put on this blog (and on twitter) is so uneven – one day it is all undercase personal ramblings about how i shit blog and the other day it is a 10k word essay complete with bibliography on the history of scientific racism – that helps keep me not-popular.

this blog post is really just me reclaiming this as my space.

and i’ll post whatever the fuck i want here.