i dream of being possible

a quick sketch of my philosophical positions

Mostly ‘cause I feel like it.

Ethics: I subscribe mostly to virtue ethics but as espoused by 孔子 rather than Aristotle. Add in a dash of consequentialism and you have my basic approach to ethics.

Logic: I think the group of relevant logics are the ‘right’ sort of logic as far as everyday deduction goes. As far as actual methods, I think abduction is what we mostly use in our daily lives. Add a dash of skepticism as advocated by 莊子 and you have my position.

Ontology: I’m an metaphysical realist so I do believe in an independently existing universe. Note: I do also include abstract objects as being ‘real,’ despite being abstract.

Truth: I use both the correspondence theory of truth and the coherence theory of truth which i guess probably makes me a type of truth pluralist. Because I use both to determine the truth. For some claims, it isn’t straightforward to see whether or not there is some state of affairs existing in the real world that corresponds to it (ie., historical statements). In cases like that, I switch to the coherence theory.