i dream of being possible

a new standard is being set

I’m slowly getting to the place where I can actually feel comfortable discussing my limitations with people and actually setting boundaries.

It really fucking helps, though, to have people in your life who will not only respect those boundaries, but actively encourage your articulation of them.

So. Thanks to the person I was with today. You know who you are.

It still feels transformative and amazing to be able to say:

“i’ve had enough for today”

and know that i won’t be cajoled or pressured into having to do something.

i wish i had had the energy/ability to stay in your company for a little longer. but, yeah, i was/am done.

Thank you.

(also… this new standard? i’m not hanging out with people who use coercive tactics to ‘convince’ me to do things i am not comfortable with. if i say ‘no’ and your response is to try and cajole me? we. are. done.)