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a gentle reminder that i don't put trigger warnings on personal posts

i know i put this up on tumblr a long while back but i also realize that i haven’t mentioned it here in a long while. i figure its necessary bc i was going to post about my recent binge eating disorder diagnosis and i know a lot of ppl like to have TWs for posts about EDs. except… i don’t put TWs on my personal posts. i don’t care if other people do, but i don’t and i won’t (so also don’t ask).

ah! but, nina, you say, do you not care about accessibility? are you not, yourself, an avid proponent of trigger warnings? i mean. you can go look in my archives and find at least five posts about my defense of trigger warnings in higher ed. isn’t this all rather hypocritical of me?

sure. it would be if i were a public serving institution like a university or college. but i’m not. i am, in actual fact, a person. and this is my personal blog. note also that this is also even being posted on my own privately hosted space.

i have zero ethical obligation to ensure that my life and my self are universally accessible to anyone who wants access. yes, i do the best within my abilities to make this blog accessible but i do that of my own volition and not because i have to.

please take note of what i’m saying here and the boundary i’m drawing. it shouldn’t be all that surprising. accommodation and accessibility are concepts only applicable to the public sphere. yes yes. i know we can have a fun debate about whether or not the private/public binary is real or not and capitalism this and that. but it is ridiculous to show up at a meal you weren’t invited to and then get mad that the the host prepared nothing gluten-free.

for reference here is non-exhaustive list of some of the things i discuss without TWs:

  • suicide
  • (in the future) eating disorders
  • self-harm
  • abuse (physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • community violence
  • systemic violence and oppression
  • racism
  • and so on…