i dream of being possible

a first for me

so i guess i worked through enough of my internalized ableism to actually id as disabled in a public/group setting with people i don”t know. kind of a turning point for me ‘cause up until recently i”ve had a lot of trouble with actually understanding and perceiving myself as disabled.

just so much fucking shit there. i mean.

amusingly, as i start writing this, i just started (a few hours ago) hallucinating that smell again. you know, the one that my neurologist said is just ‘normal”. lol. okay.

i think i”m supposed to see my family doctor again about something, but i can”t remember when i”m supposed to do that… :S

i have like the form for me to get more bloodwork done but i sincerely just can”t remember when i was supposed to see him again and get this blood work done. i think i”ll wait until my second apt with the sleep specialist.</p>