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a few personal notes about the sda church

Eliel Cruz: ‘Gays in the Family’: An Inside Look at a Seventh-day Adventist Presentation on Homosexuality (VIDEO):

This was… interesting to me.

Since, at the time when i was grappling with my sexual id/gender, and at the time that i came out… I think I had been baptised as SDA for about a year or two?

It was a weird/interesting part of my life, since I took being SDA pretty seriously (in ways that I never took being catholic very seriously).

The church I attended with my (white) mom was predominantly Black (a good portion were immigrants from the Caribbean). I think she started going to it ‘cause my soon to be step-dad was Black. It was such a great congregation there and all the people were incredibly warm and welcoming, which is really what attracted me to the church.

Anyway. This article has me in a weird and introspective mood now.

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