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On job search advice...

I think I tweeted a while back that I was no longer listening or reading any more job searching advice. And I don’t. Not only is the existent advice out there contradictory and unhelpful, but you never see anyone doing what needs to be done.

And what needs to be done is not yet another article/post/whatever on how to do interviews or format a cover letter, but a complete overhaul of the entire employment culture and process we currently have going.

When there is clear evidence that implicit biases and overt job discrimination is widespread and common, telling people that if they format their resume jussssst so, they’ll be more likely to get a job is just a type of borderline cruel victim blaming, if that person happens to be a marginalized person.

When we work in a context where more of the wealth and ‘good’ jobs are concentrated in the hands of a small, white, cis, hetero man majority – encouraging dogmatic conformity to arbitrary rules only serves to perpetuate the system.

It is a false hope in a cruel system where most people leverage their personal connections to obtain employment. Personal connections which, accidentally I’m sure, serve to entrench the current system (since, birds of a feather).

Above all, I just really wish that there was more clearly and plainly written job search advising that said:

Contrary to what you think, this is not a meritocracy.

And that the best thing you can do to increase your employability is to be as much of a man, white, cis, able, or hetero that you can be.

At this point, you should start worrying about the font of your resume.