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why are you surprised?

So, Monica at Transgriot recently posted about how gloria steinhem is a transphobe (see also this post by Elle at fromonesurvivortoanother).

One person’s response: “I didn’t know she was a transphobe”

Er… what? I mean, I didn’t know about these specific bits of evidence of her explicit transmisogyny (and, yeah, let us be clear that for the most part this is really transmisogyny first and transphobia second). I assume all 2nd wave cis feminists are transmisogynists unless I have clear evidence to the contrary, in actions, words, or deeds. (yes, this even includes the cis WoC feminists of this period).

Time has shown us over and over and over again that unless a cis feminist explicitly expresses an understanding and awareness that trans women are also women, they are constructing a notion of ‘woman’ that does not include trans feminine people who ID as women. Just as we are safer assuming that all white people are racist, unless we have concrete evidence otherwise, you must always assume that all cis women are transmisogynists.


Life is too dangerous and short to be putting women on pedestals who’ve may have never said anything directly against trans women (like steinham) but also haven’t done or said a single thing to uplift them.

If your actions, words, or deeds do not show a commitment and awareness, then you are complicit.

End of story.