i dream of being possible

while id like more discussion and im open to changing

I think I’m gonna go with


it not only sounds the best but represents a concept I feel good about.

That we are becoming ourselves, not ‘crossing over’ some gender binary that may not even apply to the culture you are from.


Genderescents are those non-cis PoC who want to have a community of our own. A community that fundamentally recognizes our identities as people of colour. Claim this term if this represents you (and, no, white people do not ever get to use this).

That makes it clear that we stand with cis people of colour.

That makes it clear that we care about trans women of colour and/or trans feminine PoC (I’m not gonna preemptively start calling anyone genderescent).

That also makes it clear that we care about trans men and/or trans masculine PoC.

I want space and community where I/we can focus on shit that matters to us. And is free of whiteness.

(I’m going to bed now. Write and discuss more. I don’t mind if I end up being the only person using this word. But I’m fucking through with trans.)