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where is mya hall

So. I’ll be picking on the Advocate in this post. Why? Because they should know better and I’m mad at them anyway. They are also not the only people doing this.

Very recently there have been two murdered trans women. KC Haggard and India Clarke. In talking about the arrest made in India Clarke’s case, this is what the Advocate has to say:

trans woman K.c. Haggard was stabbed to death in Fresno, Calif., bringing the total reported dead to 11 trans women in the U.S…

This year has also seen the murders of Mercedes Williamson, 17, in Rocky Creek, Ala.; London Kiki Chanel, 21, in Philadelphia; Kristina Gomez Reinwald, 46, in Miami; Penny Proud, 21, in New Orleans; Taja DeJesus, 36, in San Francisco; Yazmin Vash Payne, 33, in Los Angeles; Papi Edwards, 20, in Louisville, Ky.; Ty Underwood, 24, in North Tyler, Texas, and Lamia Beard, 30, in Norfolk, Va.

Now… who’s name is missing? I mean, this isn’t a guessing game not really, because her name is in the title of this post.

Where is Mya Hall? Why isn’t she on this list?

In case people don’t know, Mya Hall is a Black trans woman who died at the hands of law enforcement/authorities:

[Mya] Hall, 27, and her friend, 20-year-old Brittany Fleming, crashed a stolen SUV into the gates of the NSA on March 30 after officials began shooting at their vehicle. Authorities stated that they began shooting because the pair did not initially stop proceeding toward the building when authorized to do so, instead accelerating towards a police vehicle. Hall was killed in the incident. Fleming was wounded.

Why is the so-called LGBT media – most notably trans media – leaving Mya Hall of their list of trans women killed in the US?

Like. Based on TDOR’s rather restrictive inclusion criteria, it is unlikely that she’ll be on their list. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t still remember her. Because her life (and death) matters. Black lives matter.

I also note that in the months since this incident, I’ve heard nothing about Brittany Fleming. Is she still alive? How is she recovering? Has she been charged and arrested as a result of this incident? Is she getting any support from the community as a survivor of police violence?

Where is Mya Hall?

Where is Brittany Fleming?