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when people point out that some euro cultures had

When people point out that some euro cultures had tattooing once upon a time whenever I talk about the origins of modern tattooing as done in the west…

I suddenly have a deep and abiding sympathy/empathy feeling for every Black person who has ever engaged the appropriation of locs. 

because how the hell do you talk with people who don’t understand how history and causality work? 

who legit think that it is somehow relevant that random cracker group #3 did 11000 years ago had cultural practice x, when you can point to the clearly documented lines of spread/influence today? 

when even poorly made geocities .html sites have this basic fucking information

It isn’t like trying to speculate about the origin of dinosaurs or some shit. 

Like, if I say a thief broke into my house and stole my computer, and you respond that Chinese people used to use an abacus for calculating sums in the 900s. 

What the fuck, even?