i dream of being possible

what's this? a white trans man playing respectability politics? shocker.

there is almost nothing i don’t hate about this charitable org for funding GCS. Look at the requirements:

With such a life-changing opportunity, the application process—an online form that requires information about current hormone treatments, surgeries, and future planned procedures—is rigorous and selective. It also requires basic financial information to determine one’s need. According to Rostovsky, when choosing a recipient, he places the most value in the two essay questions, the first of which asks the individual’s role in the trans community, the second for recipients’ life goals and career aspirations.

“I want to give funds to someone who will also give back to the community,” Rostovsky says. “I don’t want to fund someone’s transition and then have them do nothing positive for themselves afterwards. If I give someone this wonderful opportunity, and I help the community, I hope that they, in turn, want to give back to the transgender population.”

Oh. Okay. If i break out my magic decoder ring, I can discern that this is means that if you are a passing and white and most often a man, then you’ll qualify.

But if you are one of the many trans women of colour or trans feminine of colour, often poor and often doing sex work to fund their transitions, the likelyhood that you’ll qualify, despite that fact that when any of us keep breathing and surviving


or worse, when we die


i’m sure it is accidental that this white d00d is looking for people who ‘give back to the community’ and who will do ‘something positive’ in a community where, i’m sure it is accidental, many of the leadership positions are occupied by white people, with a imbalance of white men.

The two important questions: 1. ur role in the community and 2. ur lyfe goalz and career aspirations.

despite the fact that the mere existence of any and all trans feminine iaopoc of trans women of colour and/or Indigenous women cements us as the backbone of the community. i mean, the rest of the community is standing on our backs… profiting from our deaths.

like all of this is designed to create barriers for all the people who might benefit the most from accessing this charity. like.

i hope he chokes on his life goals.