i dream of being possible

what is interesting about the personal reflections

is unpacking my own urge to try and soften the truths i was expressing



in all the posts, i could have mentioned that I’m working on it. that i’m


(although, i also want people to know that anti-Blackness was just the

example I used. there are a multitude of other ways that i enact oppression

every single day)

but this urge. to qualify and make caveats on the naked, hard truth

it is a bad urge. and one i’m glad i didn’t indulge.

it doesn’t help anyone for me to say that i’m working on decolonizing my


i was raised to believe that actions are what is meaningful, not words

i do my best to embody in action and deed my committment to unlearning my

anti-Blackness and all other isms.

but this is better said as a separate post from the other ones.

this post is also true